WordPress Mover


Are you tired of copying your WordPress projects from test domains on development environment? Want to speed up launch of your projects? Using WordPress Mover is very simple and easy so you can achive your goals quicker. It can be used by common users and developers. Probably this application is like many others available on the net but it has some pros for web developers – its structure is organized to use MVC pattern, so modifying it for your own purposes should be very easy. Other users can find this application usefull when they change their domain or company name and moving WordPress becomes inevitable.

1381446728_monotone_time_clockAvoid updating database records manually and save Your time. With this little app you are able to speed up transfer of your projects

1381446441_monotone_smiley_happyEasy to install and accessible. Just copy files to your server and run WordPress Mover to process update

1381446723_monotone_graph_chartSee results of update on a simple report page – what tables and how many records were affected

Installation instructions
  1. Download zip package by clicking download button below.
  2. Unpack downloaded archive.
  3. Create new catalog on your host/ftp with wordpress files and name it wp-mover (or anything else you like).
  4. Upload WordPressMover files from unpacked zip archive into newly created directory.
  5. Now You can navigate Your browser to http://mydomain.com/wp-mover – it will run application and welcome screen should be displayed.


When WordPress Mover is ready tu use, click ‘Update WordPress database’ button on welcome screen. You will be redirected to form where You can enter Your database credentials and domain name. You have to provide old domain name with http:// part and new domain name, also with http:// part. If form is incomplete than application should display error message with information what went wrong. After successfully updating database records, WordPress Mover will display general report on what tables and how many records were affected. And that’s all! Enjoy Your WordPress!

If you have any questions about this application or need help, write to me using form on Contact page.